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How to be sure your shoes fit to your bags? The most important thing is a style and color.

We have some basic styles like trendy, elegant, casual, bohemian, exotic, business.

Each style has something specific what makes you unique and there is also a different handbag that fits.

I will describe the styles in one sentence for you:

  • Elegant women are perfect glamourous, sexy and sophisticated.
  • Trendy women are always following the hotest fashion news and are always up to date.
  • Casual women are happy in comfortable and formal dresses
  • Bohemian women are mostly inspired by hippies and gipsies
  • Exotic women are wearing colorful printed dresses with remerkable jewelery.
  • Business women are wearing blazers and skirts.

Our handsfree bags fit mostly to the trendy, casual, bohemian or exotic style.

How to combinate shoes and bags by color?

The trendy color combinations are changing from year to year but there is always a basic you can always use:

Black, white and grey color you can combinate with all colors. The best harmonic combination is to combinate two warm or two cold colors together.